Project Roadmap

V1. C3 Bridge

  • Bridge functionality launched enabling permissionless participation in the Web3 Carbon Market.

  • Burn functionality provided by C3, enabling companies, individuals and DeFi to offset carbon emissions on-chain.

  • Integration with KlimaDAO to enable treasury diversification and maximise bandwidth between the legacy carbon market and ReFi.

V2. Mugglification

  • The C3 bridge will contain features that make it for anyone to participate in the Web3 Carbon Market:

    • Non-custodial key management

    • Gasless transactions.

    • Direct purchase of tokenised credits from legacy and DeFi sources.

    • Payments by credit card or bank transfer.

    • SushiSwap integration.

V3. Project Development

  • In addition to delivering on the Roadmap for the core DeFi products, C3 will in parallel develop a first-of-a-kind DeFi native carbon project that will democratize and disintermediate participation in the VCM.

  • The first project will be a pilot that serves to demonstrate the power and impact that can be unlocked through coordination and collaboration.

  • Subsequently this model will be scaled out to include a variety of carbon projects and value creation opportunities.

V4. Details Coming Soon

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