Carbon Project Development

C3 will unlock new revenue generation opportunities in the VCM for DeFi

The purpose of the VCM is to maximise flows of high-integrity carbon finance to projects around the world that would otherwise not be viable.

In order to scale-up the market, billions of dollars of capital will need to be raised to develop carbon projects. Once the projects are developed and operational, carbon credits will be issued and sold into the market on the spot of via forward agreements.

Currently, those who have the capital to finance projects upfront can achieve significant planetary benefits, and generate significant revenues for themselves.

However, without access to capital and deep knowledge of the market, it is impossible to get exposure to carbon development opportunities. For now, the average person or organisation who wants to participate in the carbon market must be a price taker in a heavily intermediated market.

However, the blockchain offers a unique opportunity that enables groups to pool capital and bypass the complex and opaque supply chain of the VCM.

"A major power of cryptocurrency is that it allows communities to summon up large amounts of capital without any individual person needing to personally donate that capital... There are hundreds of billions of dollars of capital flowing around, but public goods that are key to that capital's ongoing survival are receiving only tens of millions of dollars per year of funding. - Vitalik"

C3 is a conduit for financing high-impact carbon projects.

Pre-vetted carbon credits that conform to the criteria outlined in the Carbon Credit Primer section can be issued directly into our DeFi native pools to service on-chain demand. This will enable those who wish to get exposure to the positive impact and value creation opportunities of financing carbon projects, will be able to do so. For the first time.

The investment profile of a DeFi native carbon project with a <1 year lead time may look something like this:

  • $10 million project development cost.

  • Generation of 400,000 carbon credits.

  • $26.6 million revenue over 10 year issuance period.

Please revisit this page post-launch to receive further details on C3's Project Development Gateway.

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