C3 Mission

A gateway for all players to access the world of climate-focused Regenerative Finance.

C3 is on a mission to connect the world of DeFi with the Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM).

Doing so will catalyse investment into pro-climate projects across the globe, generate value creation opportunities for Web3 users, and provide benefits for the wider VCM.

To achieve this, we offer permissionless, accessible and intuitive Web3 infrastructure that gives all players the opportunity to contribute to the Regenerative Finance (ReFi) economy.

ReFi is the preference for the funding of community and the public good over, or in parallel to, projects that are expected to produce a return for the funder. For C3, ReFi refers to the environment and our climate, and how the cost of carbon can be internalised into DeFi.

Taking immediate and decisive action on climate change is mission critical for our survival. That said, the transition to net zero carbon emissions is also the single biggest commercial opportunity of this generation.

Web3 is uniquely well-placed to marry these two worlds of climate action, and economic opportunity.

To facilitate the growth of the ReFi economy and unlock the opportunity, we are developing three key products:

  • Carbon Bridge that creates composable carbon assets backed by the robustness of the VCM.

  • Governance Token & Gauges to incentive C3 users to participate in this emerging market.

  • Project Development Gateway to give DeFi the opportunity to get direct exposure to the VCM.

Delivering on our mission will lead to the growth and proliferation of composable carbon assets within DeFi, will develop a sustainable future for Web3, and will deliver benefits to all players:

  • Ensures the integrity of on-chain assets is bridged to DeFi to build trust across market participants.

  • Maximises liquidity and the flow of capital in the legacy markets towards high-impact carbon projects.

  • Incentivises participation from multiple stakeholder groups to pool capital and share risk and reward.

  • Exposes the existing carbon markets to new use-cases enabled by Web3 that enhance impact and innovation.

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