C3 Governance Process

Building Credibly Neutral Public Infrastructure

While C3 is not a DAO, it does aim to build credibly public infrastructure. As such, C3 has had a public governance process since launch.

Current Governance Framework

Discord Chat

The C3 Discord provides an informal setting for the community to discuss C3’s on-chain infrastructure and the broader Digital Carbon Market, as well as to communicate with the C3 team for questions and troubleshooting.

Gauge System

The C3 token (specifically vote-locked veC3) serves as the voting token for C3’s gauge system.

This system incentivizes specific activities within the Digital Carbon Market, such as providing liquidity for a carbon-paired pool, or

Governance Forum

The [C3 governance forum](https://forum.c3.app) provides a public mechanism for ideas on how to manage C3’s on-chain infrastructure to be surfaced from anyone in the Digital Carbon Market community, including but not limited to C3 contributors and partners.

Temperature Check Polls

If there is a specific proposal advanced in an RFC, the forum post should also include a poll to informally assess the community’s level of support for the proposed action(s).


Given that C3 is not technically a DAO, and operates under a traditional corporate legal structure, Snapshot votes would not necessarily be binding on the organization, but rather a form of public community governance distinct from the internal corporate governance processes of C3’s off-chain operations.


That said, as an organization C3 is committed to being accountable to its community, and if a proposal passes through this governance process in good faith and there are no logistical, legal or regulatory blockers preventing implementation, such proposals will eventually be implemented.

Advancement of proposals from the governance forum to a Snapshot token vote will be managed by the C3 team.

Examples of Potential Proposals

Additional Gauges

Add a gauge for veC3 voters to allocate rewards for stakers on C3. This gauge can be used to incentivize liquidity, either with the C3 token or another token provided by the proposer, or both.

This system is based on the Frax gauge model, which is modeled in turn on the Curve gauge system; see those governance forums for examples:

  • Curve gauge proposal example:

  • Frax gauge proposal example:

Launching New Pools

Anyone can advocate for the introduction of new pools according to a provided pool specification (most importantly: which standards, vintages, and methodologies are allowed into the pool).

Migrating an Existing Gauge to a Different AMM

Sometimes a gauge’s underlying LP will need to be migrated to a different AMM or a different version of that AMM.

For instance, there is currently an [RFC on the forum](https://forum.c3.app/d/160-rcf-improve-trading-experience-of-ubo-and-nbo) to migrate the UBO/KLIMA and NBO/KLIMA liquidity from Sushi Trident to Sushiswap Legacy, motivated by lack of support for routing between Trident and Legacy pools in Sushi’s UI.

Integrating New Assets into Bridge Infrastructure

For example, supporting a new carbon credit standard or a new type of asset to be bridged.

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